Rules for Hirers of Gaydon Village Hall

No Smoking

No smoking inside the hall.


Please use the hooks provided to hang balloons, banners etc. Do not damage the paint by pinning or sticking things to the walls.


Rubbish and recyclables should be put in the bins which are outside the kitchen door.


It is a condition of the hall licence that music should not to be audible in street after 11pm. Parties should not spill out onto the street and disturb residents of Church Road.


Parties for under 18s must have at least 2 responsible adults in charge.


No alcohol is to be sold without a licence.The bookings secretary must be informed if drink is to be sold at a bar in the hall. Bars must close at 11pm.


10am to midnight (1.00am New Year's Day).


There is no parking provision. The drive beside the village hall is for private access to the cottage and must NOT be used by hirers. Food and drink should be taken in through the front door of the hall.

Nuisance to Tenant of Cottage

Please be considerate of the tenant of the Village Hall Cottage. Do not block access to the gate or go beyond gate into the private property. Also, please do not make a noise outside kitchen door.


Please be careful with the village hall furniture.

Clearing up

Hirer is to sweep the hall, clean up any spillages and put all rubbish in the bins.

Payment of deposit

Advance deposit for hiring of hall is £25 for daytime hire and £50 for evenings.

March 2009